The easy way out in modern relationships

Why are good people (relationships) so difficult to find and even more difficult to keep?

Social media, online dating, and the complexity of human beings.

These are some of the issues.

We live in a world where we have most of the good things in life, yet still don’t know how to appreciate or value them to the fullest. We want what we don’t have because what we have is not new anymore, but we should want more of what we already have and less of what we don’t. The same goes for relationships.

Good people are rare nowadays – they seem to be in extinction. They are difficult to find, therefore good, meaningful, long-term, committed relationships are even more complicated to be started, built, and kept for the simple reason that we have it too easy nowadays.

Let me explain.

We take good relationships for granted because it’s not the shiny thing it once was, so as a result, we often go searching for new and exciting adventures. And we often think that the grass is greener on the other side, so we decide to give up on what we have and go explore. But the grass is rarely greener on the other side.

With social media and online dating, things are just a text or swipe away after all. So that makes it even easier, I guess.

It’s far easier to give up on a relationship than to decide to stay and work its details and problems out – let’s be honest, every relationship has them. It’s far easier to throw the relationship out the window and start all over again than to put effort to fix it.

Of course, there are tons of variables to take into consideration.

  • You might wonder whether your relationship is fixable. Remember, it’s always up to us to decide whether it’s still worth the effort to fix what’s wrong in the relationship. Everything takes an insane amount of effort and relationships are no different. Don’t patch things up. Fix their root.
  • You might be concerned whether he or she is the right person for you. Remember, you will sleep, wake up, eat, talk, be intimate, grow up and old, and do nearly everything with her or him for an extended amount of time, if not until death does you guys apart.

Personally, I’m yet to find that person to build that long-term, committed, and meaningful relationship with. I’m not too worried about not find her or being single at the moment because I’m working on myself day in and day out, and I think that’s the beauty of life. Good things come when we deliberately work on ourselves first, when we decide we are our first priority. Because we won’t be able to find true happiness outside if we don’t have it in ourselves first.

7 thoughts on “The easy way out in modern relationships

  1. This is so true! I think we have adopted this short-term attitude towards most things in life nowadays. Especially with the availability (and consequent overwhelm) of technology, we are so fundamentally prone to choose easy, instantly gratifying, short-term pleasures (hook up culture in this context). Long-term investments take far more hard work, and they don’t come nearly as easily, but they are far more valuable later on. This is definitely a relevant topic nowadays–thanks for sharing!


  2. I personally find some people to be too eager to get into a relationship without really getting to know me and seeing if there’s compatibility. Some are just looking for instant gratification while others aren’t ready to be open, honest and vulnerable in the getting to know you process of dating. I guess the rest are dealing with the paradox of choice – too many options and always looking for someone better. You couldn’t have said it any better! So true!


    1. Agreed. Most of us should probably consider taking it slow so we can appreciate the time and process of meeting new people and getting to know them on a deeper and closer level before jumping on a relationship because they feel they’re falling behind in this aspect based on what social media or society, in general, portrays or judges.


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