She was full of energy

Some of the most exciting people we meet are the ones we unexpectedly meet. On a night out with friends after feasting tahini and arepas, then feeling too full to do anything, we headed out to the city to meet up with some friends. We went out with no real purpose other than having a … Continue reading She was full of energy

Dating one, not many – modern relationships

Feelings are rose petals – so sensitive that they could be damaged, yet so beautiful when given the right amount of love. Rejecting and being rejected; loving and being loved; wanting and being wanted. These are natural stages in one's life. We can't have one without the other one. It's heart-breaking to want without being … Continue reading Dating one, not many – modern relationships

Let them talk

Everyone has an opinion. That’s for sure. But that’s not the main point — the point is that you are better off letting them talk, whether it’s about you or not, and entirely focus on yourself because people might be talking about you because you’re doing something good… or maybe you’re doing something really bad or wrong. … Continue reading Let them talk