Attached to…

What are you attached to? How many tangible and intangible things are you attached to in your life? For better or worse, we’re usually attached to items like our money, gadgets, clothes and shoes, cars, houses; and more often than not, we’re also attached to people in our life: parents, siblings, relatives, partners, friends.

There’s nothing wrong with it, for the most part. We need some of these to live happily. But, have you ever asked yourself if you’d be able to live without most of these attachments? What’d be the worse that could happen if you get rid of most? How do you know what you need?

Well, let’s say you‘re traveling and you only get to pack a certain amount of weight. That’s when you need to be considerate of what’s truly essential to your everyday life. You end up deciding what you need. And to be honest, it’s not that much, unless you’re the type of person who packs two big luggages for a one-week trip. If this is your case, I think you might have some serious issues separating your needs vs your wants.

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