M1: Being comfortable alone

It is been almost a month since I have been back at being single but feels like an eternity. Everything around the house feels emptier, but not my soul. My soul has found tranquility between all the emptiness.

It is tremendously difficult when a relationship does not work out how we envisioned it. There were a series of things that were not working and did not feel right in this past relationship, and I think the best decision was the one we made: to go on our own way and grow apart.

These past days and weeks have felt long and short at the same time. Apart from work, I have been having more time to slowly work on myself; on being patient and comfortable living on my own; and ultimately, reflecting and asking the more important questions in life.

“What type of relationship do I really want to be in?”

“How can I work on being a kinder, more patient, more selfless, and more generous person?”

These have been on my mind and I’m taking both small and big steps into improving as a person, so I can offer the best version of myself to people around me.

I have also been setting more thinking and writing time away to reflect and write in my personal journal. I have learned of a new cognitive-behavioral therapy technique called “Scheduled Worry Time”. This time allows for time to work on reducing anxiety and worry more effectively. In other words, working on your mindset.

Incredibly, having anywhere between fifteen to thirty minutes to do nothing but think and write has been a breath of fresh air. It is something I think everybody should try and do to have a clearer mind and better life.

My thinking and writing sessions consist of writing down my thoughts, emotions, feelings, learnings, and failures that have been on my bothering me lately. These are learnings I wished my younger self could have read from an older person to learn and get through life more swiftly.

But life is what it is.

It is difficult to plan our life and expect that everything goes smoothly or perfectly, without barriers. After all, trying and failing usually make us stronger than otherwise. I have learned that the best way to approach life is by being flexible and adaptable to situations, people, emotions, and feelings.

So, be like water.

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