The Family Bond

We have two families – the one we are born into and the one we choose. While we have no decision power or control over the former, we have total decision power and control over the latter.

The family we are born into – including parents, siblings, and relatives, is blood-related, and they usually stay around. However, this is not unchangeable because we can decide whether these people truly belong to our close-knitted family – the ones we want to have around. So, don’t feel bad if you ever feel the need to stop contact with one or many of them because of different life circumstances.

Life is all about decisions, and this is one of them.

I think most of us are lucky to be able to choose our second family. These are the people we actively, consciously, and genuinely decide to want to have in our life. Because we like and trust them, have gone through experiences together, or they make us better human beings when we are around them. Or maybe all of them. ❤️

I have done both. I have decided to have no contact whatsoever with some relatives and have chosen my own second family. I have little to no regrets about these decisions. The people I want closest to me are genuine, kind-hearted, fun, honest, caring, and hard-working. And I try to actively make sure I keep them around for the long haul when I find them.

Because life would not be as fun, exciting, or meaningful without them around.

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