On health

We know the importance of health when we are at risk of losing it. Similar to most things in life, we don’t know what we have until we are about to lose it.

Our body is a masterpiece. It’s something out of this world. Think about it – our body knows both when to activate different parts and protect us when we most need it; and at the same time when and how to shut down and rest.

That’s a tremendous task by itself.

My body has been on high alert for the past two months with all the traveling, moving around, staying in different places, adapting to different climates and environments, and pushing through physically and mentally when it needed to. It was all good and fun. I felt great during all this time, then as soon as it knew it would be at a comfortable and known safe place – home, it decided it was time to take a break and shut down.

I think that’s incredible.

I couldn’t have scheduled it better. If it were for me, there would be no breaks. It would be a go-go-go at all times, so it’s great that my body finally decided to take a most needed break and let it go through sickness so it can start all over and get stronger again.

Sickness is never a good thing, but it sometimes helps us appreciate good health, life, and people. Being sick teaches us not to take things for granted.

I don’t think anyone likes being sick, but visualizing that we or the people we care about would get sick at some point is a necessary practice as we are all human beings and will vanish eventually. So make sure to make every moment count.

And most importantly, do everything as it would be your last time doing it.

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