Final Days in San Francisco before Departure #5: Jump Outta Airplane ( Skydiving ) !

Today’s post is one to the last before I leave to Hong Kong as there would only be less than one week left prior to my departure. Enjoy!

When it comes to skydiving most people might tell you, “You must try skydiving at least once during your lifetime!”

However, I will tell you that you should jump out of an airplane as many times as you possibly have the opportunity.

Skydiving gives me that special and unique sensation of freedom, enjoyment, and courage. I mean, who didn’t want to fly or at least feel the sensation of flying when kid? You can’t lie, buddy. Most of us felt and wanted to fly when we were kids. That thought might have changed now, but I know you still want to do skydiving badly because one or more friend of yours have done it and told you how awesome it was.

However, I would understand your point and agree if you don’t want to do skydiving because I know someone cares about you or depends on you, you are responsible of other human beings, you have started a family, you have a nice job, and so on…

Jumping out of an airplane at 9,000 feet or at any height requires a great amount of courage, I won’t lie here. You are paying more than $100 to risk your life, you are signing waivers saying that you agree you will not sue if something wrong happens, and you go skydiving without telling your mama or papa that you will jump out of an airplane soon.

For me, jumping for the second time was even better and more fun than the first time. There wasn’t cameras around filming my free falling this time and that let me enjoy more the moment.

However, for those who will take off an airplane for the first time, I would recommend paying the extra to get the photos and video – it’s worth it because you don’t know whether you will do it again.

Special thanks to Greg Foster for letting me record almost the entire experience and for taking care that everything was perfect!

These are photos and a video from my first skydiving’s experience, which was during 2011.

Ready for Skydiving

First Time was Awesome!

Below are photos and a video from my second time doing skydiving ( 8/10/2013 ).

Richard and David waiting badly to suit up

Richard and David ready for the airplane
Richard and Greg Foster

First impression after landing
Richard and David

After waiting for more than four hours and jumping out of the airplane, we headed out directly to Davis for lunch… and our way back to San Francisco.

Lunch at Hometown, Davis, CA
Bay Bridge

Hope you have enjoyed photos and videos as much as David and I did skydiving!

David, you made it buddy! Great job! Life is about challenging yourself and you showed it perfectly with lots of courage.

Until next time!

Adeu 🙂


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