Final Days in San Francisco before Departure #4: Camping Donner Lake ’13

It has been four days of camping and being out in the nature with almost none technological devices and having contact with people, maintaining real face-to-face conversations, and living a simple life.

First of all, I have to thank Kevin and Siew Choo, who run the International House in San Francisco, for organizing and preparing the entire camping event and also taking great care that everyone was enjoying and having a good time during their first camping trip. In addition to that, thanks for the ice cream after hiking to the top of Squaw Valley even though we did not meet the time 🙂

This camping trip has been one of the best adventures so far this summer. It has made us realize many things, but over all it has opened up our eyes about how wonderful nature is and how great it is to meet new friends. Being around trees and breathing [almost] pure air is such a precious gift that we sometimes forget to do.

My Point Of View: I appreciated every single day we were out there camping, meeting new friends, having good conversations, laughing, signing, playing games, taking lots of photos, recording videos that I will be uploading later to my YouTube channel, hiking, enjoying good food, doing bonfires, cooking S’mores (Crackers + Marshmallows + Chocolate), spending time with friends that I have not seen for a while, and realizing that I need less than I thought I really needed in life in order to enjoy.

I even learned a new sport; paddle boarding! – It is chilled yet difficult because you need to balance so well so that you do not fall every other time.

I crazily jumped out from a rope that was tied to a tree during our hiking, and that was darn fun! Risky, but fun 🙂

Being at Donner Lake camping for many days have made me rethink about how easy life is in the city, where we, most of the time, take electricity, water, food, transportation, and even our beds for granted. Sleeping in a sleeping bag inside a tent with low temperature during all night long is not the best thing in life, but it makes people appreciate what they have at home.

I believe in getting out of our comfort zones and this trip did the job.

– A huge thanks to Jeff for looking for amazing places to see the stars during night time; for the first time, I saw not only one shooting star, but more than five of ’em! It is such a magnificent feeling to get to see these nature’s wonders 🙂

To see more photos from this event, please click here 🙂

More videos in my YouTube Channel.

Until next time!

Adeu 🙂


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