Hong Kong #1: Flight & Explore.

Street Art + People


Definitely, one of the best things about flying long distances ( i.e. SFO to HKG ) is being seated in first row where you can stretch your legs, bend back your seat, and get off for a walk without the necessity of asking your neighbors every now and then. My flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong was a relaxing experience.

First of all, once we all got on the airplane we were offered late dinner. It was a decent meal with some of my favorites things – ice cream and wine.

Flight Menu

Late Dinner


Although it lasted for twelve plus hours, I kept myself entertained watching movies, documentaries, writing, a little bit of working, and of course sleeping.


Once arrived, I went through custom/immigration and picked up my luggage – they luckily appeared pretty quick.


The first days in Hong Kong have been really exciting although the weather has been pretty hot and humid ( what can you expect in a southeast Asian country during summer time? ).

Some facts while exploring:

  • I’ve got to try some food such as dim sum, and certain street food and drinks. One thing I can say is that food in Hong Kong is relatively inexpensive compare to San Francisco [also depends on where you go].
    • I’ve got to try the MTR subway and buses, and they’re really efficient, fast, and convenient.
    • I’ve got to visit some places including Central, Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, Po Lam, Kam Sheung Road, and of course Kowloon Tong as today.
    • I’ve also got to run a couple of times, and I have to admit that the air is heavy for running matters, but thankfully my body is getting used to it.

      Dim Sum

      Hong Kong Taxi

      Mini Vans



      Beautiful Photographer

      Phone Playin’ on da bus

      Pretty lady playing phone

      Running Hong Kong

      *Special thanks to Mona and her family for picking me up at HKG and hosting me for a couple of days [really appreciate it].

      Mona and Richard [hip hop 1st night]

      Until next time!

      Adeu 🙂


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