Hong Kong #2: Orientation Week. Classes. Big Wave Bay Beach. Lantau Island. Avenue of Stars.

Orientation Week @ City University of Hong Kong

Orientation Week.

Orientation week here in City University of Hong Kong is way different than orientation day in San Francisco State University. Why and how different? Orientation week means having a lot of diverse activities organized by the Exchange Programme Club, which is run by students. Some of these activities are Campus tour, Ikea tour, Orientation day, Academic advice, Victoria Peak night tour, ICC rooftop + LKF night, and finally Lantau Island One Day Trip. These are some activities created for exchange students and some of them are paid.

Love seeing my Venezuelan flag so far from home

CityU Classes.

As orientation week, classes at CityU are also in a different format. Most classes meet only one day for three hours while others meet for two lecture hours a day plus one tutorial hour on a different day. In comparison to classes in San Francisco StateU, which meet two or three times per week for one hour (more like fifty minutes). Even though I feel that I have a lot of free time on my hands, this is not the case because each class requires at least one big group project presentation in the end of the semester.

Big Wave Bay Beach.

Aside from all the orientation week and the beginning of classes in my new university, I reserved some time to visit new places and one of them was Big Wave Bay Beach. This beach is located to the south of Hong Kong Island. Although there weren’t big wave as its name, I got to enjoy some quality time with Mona and her friends, which have become my new friends in this adventure.

MTR Wagon

Big Wave Bay Beach

Hong Kong Trail


Mona and Richard

Lantau Island.

Lantau Island was one of the activities organized and offered by the Exchange Programme Club during the orientation week and in which I joined without doubting. The first time I came to Hong Kong I didn’t have the opportunity or know about this amazing touristic place. During this trip, we visited the Tian Tan Buddha, a.k.a The Big Buddha, Ngong Ping Village, and another small fishing village. This Big Buddha is one of the biggest seated statues in Asia and was the biggest seated statues prior to 2007. All in all, it was a really exciting trip in which I got to try a lot of different street foods.

Lantau Country Parks

Where Should We Head to?

Street Food

Pro Camera… 

Go To Big Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha


Exchange Students

Love is All You Need

Richard, Felix, and Jan [ Big Buddha Behind ]

 Bai Sun

Incense from Bai Sun

Jiànzi or Shuttlecock or Feather ball
Ngong Ping Village

Practicing Some Punches
Fish Balls – Street Food

Honey Crackers – Street Food

Fried Squid – Street Food

Frozen Pineapple Slice – Street Food

Pork Meat – Street Food

Fixing Electrical Cables

Egg Puff – Street Food

Avenue of Stars.

Clock Tower

View of Hong Kong Island + Pollution

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade 

XXXL Award Statue

Old School Film

Jacky Chan

Special Thanks.

This is something I should’ve done during my first Hong Kong post. Here I go anyways. A well deserved and huge thanks to some of my closest friends in San Francisco. THANKS Alexis, Kien, David, and Micho for going to the airport with me as well as Fen and Alan for taking up their precious time and joining us for dinner before departing to Hong Kong. I really appreciate the gesture and your friendship.

Thanks for Coming and Spending Quality Time

SFO to HKG = Thanks Bros!

Tip for Future Students Abroad in Hong Kong.

  • Bring an outlet from your country so you only need to buy one socket adaptor.

Until next time!

Adeu 🙂


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