Hong Kong #27: Study Abroad Finale

We all started this journey studying abroad in Hong Kong knowing for sure that this time will come sooner or later; yes, we all knew there would be an end in this once in a lifetime adventure. Studying abroad has been a very exciting time of my life, in which I've met incredible people, made … Continue reading Hong Kong #27: Study Abroad Finale

Hong Kong #25: 10,000 Buddhas Monastery

It was a few weeks when my British friends and I, commonly known as BRITCH, decided to take a day to visit the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery located in Sha Tin, New Territories.It's a great place to check out if you're doing some tourism or studying abroad in Hong Kong. The place offers such a peaceful … Continue reading Hong Kong #25: 10,000 Buddhas Monastery

Hong Kong #24: Lion Rock Hike

It's been a long time since I've hiked and since I've mentioned I'd hike Lion Rock in Hong Kong before the study abroad adventure finishes.Lion Rock wasn't as easy of a hike as I've had thought it would've been... Especially since I've hiked longer and steeper hills and mountains. It happened that there are a … Continue reading Hong Kong #24: Lion Rock Hike

Hong Kong #19: Hong Kong Marathon.

Running and finishing my 4th marathon today, The Hong Kong Marathon, was gratifying As well as enjoyable.I barely slept tonight, not because of the emotion or excitement of running another 26.2 miles / 42 kilometers, but rather for the lack of tiredness. However, I still slept some hours which gave me enough energy to feel … Continue reading Hong Kong #19: Hong Kong Marathon.

Hong Kong #17: InstaMeet HK + Shek Kip Mei.

InstaMeet Hong Kong - Taken by @LiElaineInstaMeet Hong Kong happened this weekend as most events that happen during my weekend life, unexpected.InstaMeet Hong Kong.Although it was unexpected, it was a really awesome experience meeting up with so many Instagram enthusiastic users and chatting with some of them about photography and social media, which is something I'm … Continue reading Hong Kong #17: InstaMeet HK + Shek Kip Mei.

Hong Kong #15: First Semester Abroad Summary + xVideos!

My first semester studying abroad at CityU Hong Kong has finally finished. It's been a wonderful experience and I've learned a lot from this journey, which I decided to pursue at the beginning of this 2013.Fortunately, I've been able to achieve every single goal I wrote down in January. First, I got accepted for studying … Continue reading Hong Kong #15: First Semester Abroad Summary + xVideos!

Hong Kong #13: Dialogue in the Dark. LKF Carnival +Video. Ame’s Farewell. Kwun Tong.

Dialogue in the Dark. We sometimes live our lives and take for granted so many things that we forget to appreciate our abilities and our senses. Coming to Dialogue in the Dark was an extraordinary way of experiencing how an visually impaired person lives. We were inside a complete dark room with a cane and … Continue reading Hong Kong #13: Dialogue in the Dark. LKF Carnival +Video. Ame’s Farewell. Kwun Tong.

Hong Kong #12: Venezuela Presentation. Central Photographies + Video.

clichèlongexposures.jpg by AlanDo you remember all the kinda free weekends in which we traveled and were stress free? Well, that does not happen anymore right now. I've been dealing with writing and editing papers, practicing and presenting projects, and preparing for 50% finals. The past week has been one busy week and I haven't been … Continue reading Hong Kong #12: Venezuela Presentation. Central Photographies + Video.

Hong Kong #11: CityU Expo. Mr. Wong. Sai Kung.

CityU Expo.The CityU Expo - The Galaxy Journey - is held annually and is organized by the Exchange Student Club of the College of Business. It's a cultural event in which international and exchange students  from all over the world set up their own country's booth and show famous things related to their countries including … Continue reading Hong Kong #11: CityU Expo. Mr. Wong. Sai Kung.