Hong Kong #13: Dialogue in the Dark. LKF Carnival +Video. Ame’s Farewell. Kwun Tong.

Dialogue in the Dark.

We sometimes live our lives and take for granted so many things that we forget to appreciate our abilities and our senses. Coming to Dialogue in the Dark was an extraordinary way of experiencing how an visually impaired person lives. We were inside a complete dark room with a cane and all our other senses but eyesight.

If you’re in Hong Kong, you should check it out!

Website: Dialogue in the Dark

Some facts abouy eye impaired people according to Cecilia, our guide tour:

  • Smells and textures involved in dreams
  • Imagine colors according to the feeling and texture of fruits
  • Use computers with a special reader application
  • Get groceries depending on smells, textures, and freshness

Lan Kwai Fong Carnival.

Carnival… Does it sound familiar to you? You’re right! First thing that comes to your mind might be Brazil and their super crazy carnival week. Well, this week carnival happened in Lan Kwai Fong. Check out the photos and the video!


Ame’s Farewell.

Study abroad can be fun and amazing. However, study abroad is also a bomb of time in terms of friendships because you meet all these wonderful friends and they become sort of your family during many months. You hang out, get meals, party, travel, play, and spend incredible moments together although you already know you might not see them for a long time after the study abroad period ends.

Never take friends and family for granted.

Ame, hope you have an awesome winter break with lots of rain and snow; that’s the real thing! 🙂

Kwun Tong.

This weekend I had the chance to visit Kwun Tong, a place where used to be one of the industrial places in Hong Kong, but now is about retail stores and business offices. Check out the photos!

More photos from this week…

Until next time!

Adeu 🙂


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