Hong Kong #11: CityU Expo. Mr. Wong. Sai Kung.

CityU Expo.

The CityU Expo – The Galaxy Journey – is held annually and is organized by the Exchange Student Club of the College of Business. It’s a cultural event in which international and exchange students  from all over the world set up their own country’s booth and show famous things related to their countries including food, famous places and people, quizzes, games, dances, music, and traditions.

Friends doing exchange at SFSU next semester!

During the CityU Expo there were two performances, a CityU Cat Walk in which I participated and a Country Performance in which some friends killed it. What popular performance can you do when you’re an American in another country? Well, my friends performed “I Want It That Way” from the Backstreet Boys. What’s better than another boys’ band from the US, right? However, I gotta say that their Backstreet Boys’ performance was probably the most applauded and cheered by the audience at the CityU Expo.

Great job guys!

Mr. Wong Restaurant.

Mr. Wong is a famous restaurant in Mong Kok for most exchange students since it’s a pay HKD 60 and eat and drink all you can/want. Drinks normally are beers. Although the food is just fine, it’s about the time spent with the friends that makes it special.

Mong Kok Station

Take Exit C4

Keep straight towards 2-16B Argyle Street for 3-4 blocks. Mr. Wong.

Alan. Erik

With the Prince of Finland

Julia. Justin. Gladys

Sai Kung ( 西貢.

Sai Kung is a place located to the east of New Territories, Hong Kong. This is a place where you will find plenty of good food, a fishing market, and probably all the doggies you will rarely see in Hong Kong Island or Kowloon district. Sai Kung is probably one of those places that I enjoy walking around because of the fresh air here and especially because of all the different breeds of dogs around.

This is Mong Kok.

By the way, Venezuela was recently elected Miss Universe, again! YAY!

Until next time!

Ciao 🙂


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