Hong Kong #10: Shanghai Trip. Halloween. + Special Note. xShanghai_Video!

Shanghai 2013

Shanghai Trip.

One of my friends told me that fun moments require the right friends…and that’s certainly right when you’re doing activities like traveling.

Shanghai has been one of the nicest travels so far during this study abroad experience. Although there were only two days, it was a good moment of the year to visit this international well-known city since the weather was fresh and chilled. Going to Shanghai was also great because we have one friend studying abroad there who was able to show us some parts of the city and guide us to some of the hipster areas.

Lisa and Jasmijn – Thanks for showing us around, Lisa!

Although historic and interesting places are spread out in the city, transportation is quite convenient and easy to understand. We got to travel in the Shanghai Transrapid a.k.a Bullet Train, which travels as slow as 430 kilometers/hour – something like ~267 miles/hour, or going faster than in a Formula 1 car.

Bullet Train on its way to 430 km/h

Some of the greatest moments during this weekend were spending quality time without holding a smartphone during our face to face conversations and also visiting places such as the historic and worldwide known Shanghai eccentric and bright harbor, People’s park, Kaiba bar, traditional temples, historic museums, and some clubs like Geisha and No. 88.

In my opinion the most open eyed experience during the Shanghai trip was experiencing People’s park. This is a place where parents get together during weekends and bring flyers and photos of their grown up children advertising them so that other parents can check their specifications ( i.e. height, weight, age, and salary ) and hopefully close a deal so they can get married; it’s sort of an arranged marriage. This was an open eyed moment and impressed me in a great amount because there were thousands of flyers and people ranging from twenty to fifty years old being advertised hoping to find the one.

Closing the deal πŸ˜‰

Like other trips and places, food was one of the main attractions. You can’t go to a new place and avoid to try their traditional cuisine. That’s one reason we all went for traditional Shanghainese food like Xiaolongbao as well as street food.


Halloween is one of those moments during the year when you can pretend and dress like your favorite super hero. Yes, I know you like it! Being in Hong Kong wasn’t different than in the United States. People in Hong Kong take Halloween seriously and dress up to party all night long in Lan Kwai Fong ( LKF ) although the waiting from Central MTR Station to LKF is around 120 minutes.

+ Special Note.

This was a special week for Mona and I due to our first year together, and although we aren’t physically together as of now, I know we’ve built an incredible and special relationship that is solid enough to go through moments like these together πŸ™‚

Until next time!

Ciao πŸ™‚


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