Hong Kong #19: Hong Kong Marathon.

Running and finishing my 4th marathon today, The Hong Kong Marathon, was gratifying As well as enjoyable.

I barely slept tonight, not because of the emotion or excitement of running another 26.2 miles / 42 kilometers, but rather for the lack of tiredness. However, I still slept some hours which gave me enough energy to feel great throughout the entire course.
Waking up early was a concern I had since I’ve been training during early evening ever since I came to Hong Kong, which means that I’ve been waking up later than usual in the morning. But I managed to wake up on time, have a power breakfast –oatmeal-, and relax a bit before taking off to the starting line.

Once there, at Tsim Sha Tsui, I did the regular bag drop at the trucks and some quick stretches before starting my 4th marathon. Due to getting into the runner’s pack, I started with a slower pace than what I’ve had set up, but that was not a big deal since I started passing runners and catching up on my regular 8 minutes-per-mile pace. If you had run a race before, you will know how awesome it feels to pass people along the way :).

Anyways, the 8 minutes-per-mile pace lasted for the following 18 miles before I slowed down due to cramps on one of my calves and both of my quadriceps. However, my marathon wasn’t over. I knew this would happen sooner or later between miles 16 and 20 and had already made up my mind to keep up going with that pain, which I consider a good pain. I believe learning how to deal with pain is one of the most difficult things in life, but once you learn, life becomes more manageable.

Although I was running with all these cramps for about 6 miles, I still managed to finish strong, to sprint the last mile until the finish line.

Running and finishing The Hong Kong Marathon was a great experience in general since going through trainings and trying to keep a healthy eating habit in a new country is often complicated.

I gotta thank all my friends who have been there supporting and asking me about my marathon training. I really appreciate every one of you for being so attentive with me. Thank you!

Also, thanks to Sophie, Amerita, and Jacob for coming to the finish line to support me! Thanks mates!

Lastly, this marathon also goes to the students and people in Venezuela who have been protesting against a corrupted government since 3 days ago. All the strength, faith, and my support to them!

Let’s now work on setting up new projects and achieving new goals

*Representing Venezuela, Run365, and City University of Hong Kong*

Love you all!

Until next time!

Adeu 🙂


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