Hong Kong #17: InstaMeet HK + Shek Kip Mei.

InstaMeet Hong Kong – Taken by @LiElaine

InstaMeet Hong Kong happened this weekend as most events that happen during my weekend life, unexpected.

InstaMeet Hong Kong.

Although it was unexpected, it was a really awesome experience meeting up with so many Instagram enthusiastic users and chatting with some of them about photography and social media, which is something I’m more than passionate about. Throughout some of yesterday’s chats, I realized and was surprising how serious some of these mates take Instagram. For some of us it might be just one more social media in which we enjoy sharing moments of our lives through photos, but for others it’s a serious business and dedicate that extra amount of time to edit their photos with different smartphone applications and sometimes being rather perfectionist.

Enjoy the photos below from some of the Instagram users I met yesterday… [ You should check their Instagram as they have more incredible photos! ]

Taken by @rexchapman
Taken by @leonkwok
Taken by @leonkwok
Taken by @acangel
Taken by @acangel 
Taken by @acangel
Taken by @acangel
Taken by @acangel

Taken by @acangel
Taken by @acangel

Shek Kip Mei.

Thanks @Alntng for letting us know about the InstaMeet Hong Kong 🙂

Until next time!

Adeu 🙂


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