Hong Kong #27: Study Abroad Finale

We all started this journey studying abroad in Hong Kong knowing for sure that this time will come sooner or later; yes, we all knew there would be an end in this once in a lifetime adventure. Studying abroad has been a very exciting time of my life, in which I've met incredible people, made … Continue reading Hong Kong #27: Study Abroad Finale

Hong Kong #24: Lion Rock Hike

It's been a long time since I've hiked and since I've mentioned I'd hike Lion Rock in Hong Kong before the study abroad adventure finishes.Lion Rock wasn't as easy of a hike as I've had thought it would've been... Especially since I've hiked longer and steeper hills and mountains. It happened that there are a … Continue reading Hong Kong #24: Lion Rock Hike

Hong Kong #20: Venezuela*

Have you been checking out the news recently? If so, you might have noticed the protests going on in Ukraine. But, have you realized that there are protests also going on in Venezuela right now? Maybe not so much. Why? This is because of the government's censorship on the national and some international media. We, the Venezuelan … Continue reading Hong Kong #20: Venezuela*

Hong Kong #15: First Semester Abroad Summary + xVideos!

My first semester studying abroad at CityU Hong Kong has finally finished. It's been a wonderful experience and I've learned a lot from this journey, which I decided to pursue at the beginning of this 2013.Fortunately, I've been able to achieve every single goal I wrote down in January. First, I got accepted for studying … Continue reading Hong Kong #15: First Semester Abroad Summary + xVideos!

Hong Kong #3: Football. Government Services. Victoria Peak. Early Birthday Lunch.

Victoria PeakAlthough classes have started already, things have been slow these first two weeks. Hong Kong has been all about exploring, loving, enjoying, and getting lost so far.FootballI started training and trying out with the CityU football team this past week and I cannot lie that I am enjoying like a child while playing during … Continue reading Hong Kong #3: Football. Government Services. Victoria Peak. Early Birthday Lunch.

Support My New Adventure

Hi everybody reading! I have created a GoFundMe fundraiser website so that friends, families and even strangers and acquaintances can help me cover part of my international tuition fee, housing & meals, college supplies, and health care insurance during my study abroad experience in Hong Kong. I really appreciate every effort and fund you make … Continue reading Support My New Adventure