Hong Kong #3: Football. Government Services. Victoria Peak. Early Birthday Lunch.

Victoria Peak

Although classes have started already, things have been slow these first two weeks. Hong Kong has been all about exploring, loving, enjoying, and getting lost so far.


I started training and trying out with the CityU football team this past week and I cannot lie that I am enjoying like a child while playing during these more serious games. Even though I have played football most of my lifetime, it’s somehow difficult to get the adequate rhythm, adapt to a new system in which the ball and game transitions don’t depend on the defensive midfielder so much, and to new teammates. Needless to say the language barrier. Of course this is nothing to be complaining about.

So far we’ve had two training sessions and I’ve noticed that the team has the position I play in fulfilled. However, I’ll still keep going and giving my very best in every practice to make the final team. In the end, this is a fight worth fighting and I’ll do all I can and I know.

Hong Kong Government services

This week I’ve gone to get my Hong Kong ID card and for my surprise everything went smoothly. Public services in this place are really effective and efficient!

Two weeks ago I went into the Hong Kong government services website and booked an appointment for getting my HK ID card. As the day came, I prepared my documents and filled out the application. Once I got into the office I waited about five minutes before my number showed up on the screen, then went into the first interview. Things went fine and I proceeded to wait for the second interview. Again, less than five minutes and my number showed up on the screen. Second interview done. Hong Kong ID card ready! 🙂

I think it’s needless to say how effective and efficient public services are in Hong Kong. The entire process took less than 30 mins. In addition to this, one of the things I appreciate the most outta this experience is that the treatment was just fine, polite, and respectful… How it should be in any place in the world.

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is a must-go place if you’re visiting Hong Kong and want a breathtaking view of the city. I’ve gone during daytime and during nighttime, and I can say that during nighttime is just incredible. All these super buildings lightened up with sexy colors and the incredible foggy that covers this awesome city [that’s how pollution is called over here :)]. All in all, you must go if you’re in Hong Kong. No excuses.

Richard and Mona at The Peak

The Peak Tram

The Peak I Love You

Early birthday

Although my official birthday is not until October, some special people have taken the first step and have celebrated with me way ahead of time. Thanks for the great time!

Ann and Richard

Duck Breast

Richard and Chef Javier from View 62 by Paco Roncero

Feliz Cumpleaños Richard!

Tips for future students abroad in Hong Kong

Go to http://www.gov.hk and book your appointment for your Hong Kong ID card within 30 days of your arrival in Hong Kong.

KCR – First Class

Fancy Floating Seafood Restaurant

Joe. Karine. Richard. Thanks for visiting guys!

Dessert pt.1

Dessert pt.2

Street Food pt.1

Street Food pt.2

Street Food pt.3


Photo Booth

Ferry from Tsim Sha Tsui

MTR Jumping in Slippery Zones

Best way to attract customers, specially tourists!

In the end, this world is about making peace and love 🙂

Until next time!

Adeu 🙂


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