Hong Kong #4: Mid-Autumn Festival. LKF. Typhoon #8. Special Note.

Bonne Chance and Bon Voyage

It’s been a long week as well as weekend. I trained with the football team and ever since after that moment my mid-autumn festival started off ( on Tuesday ) when I had both a birthday dinner and a moon cake dine with the To family. However, I had actually began eating and enjoying moon cakes ever since I arrived to Hong Kong, so it’s been basically a mid-autumn fest month for me :]

Mid-Autumn Festival.

Mid-Autumn is a popular tradition celebrated by some countries such as China and Vietnam. During this traditional festival there are many activities going on in parks and streets, and families usually like to get together and have dinner as well as moon cakes. Ever since I arrived in Hong Kong I think I’ve eaten over four or five moon cakes, and I believe I will keep eating them, the last being during Sunday night as a midnight snack [ check out my Instagram for visual aids ]. Although they are fatty and not that healthy, it’s in someway addictive for me.

Moon Cakes from Hong Kong and Macau

Lan Kwai Fong.

For those who’ve been in Lan Kwai Fong know how much craziness and fun there are around its streets during the entire night. It wasn’t different this time when we decided to head there after celebrating our moon cake dinner with the To family on Thursday. In LKF you will find lots of bars, clubs, drunk people, sexy ladies, and of course fun! Luckily, I was with the sexiest ladies that night 🙂

If you are in Hong Kong you should try going to LKF although you don’t like partying that much… at least once 🙂

LKF Beginning


Typhoon #8.

To finish up the long weekend there was this typhoon Usagi coming all the way from Taiwan. In the beginning everything seemed and even news reported that it was going to be the biggest and strongest typhoon to hit Hong Kong ever, but fortunately it did not go above signal 8 as the Hong Kong Observatory reported during Friday.

In my opinion, typhoons are not that big of a deal, but that’s because nothing has happened to me. Also, because rainy days in San Francisco plus its wind are kinda daily seasonal small typhoons for us San Franciscans.

Thanks to typhoon Usagi some of my classes were cancelled during Monday as well as the football training… Anyways, I hope everyone is safe and dry!

Special Note.

I owe a big thanks to Mona. She is the person who helped me settle down in Hong Kong and she also spent most of her time showing me around this magnificent city. It’s with no doubt that without her company I’d have never gone to some of the nicest and most shadiest places here in Hong Kong. She has gone back to California to begin her last academic year and all I can do is to wish the very best to this awesome human being and I hope to see her with her degree on hands soon. Thanks for the incredible time spent together in Hong Kong and for helping me settle down!

The Moon, Mona, and Richard

LKF – Mid-Autumn Night

Hey There!

Time to Leave…

Will Def Miss you!

Hong Kong in Photos.

Hong Kong – Fast Paced City

Part of Mid-Autumn Festival dinner

Hong Kong Grapefruits

Old School Photography – Polaroid

TST – Ginger with cigarette ashes…

Rice Burger @ Mos Burgers

Pieces of Chicken

Creme Brûlée

Street Art @ Central

Toilet Paper…

Famous passage @ Central

Get your own conclusions…

Street Performances @ Mong Kok

Street Performances @ Mong Kok

Until next time!

Adeu 🙂



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