Hong Kong – Not The Same, Still Exciting

It’s incredible how friends can make a place to be somewhere great and fun or not-so-good.

Study abroad and my exchange year in Hong Kong was incredible due to friends, to people that I met and created the great and fun environment that once was around here. Now that I’m here again without most of you around, things have changed. Walking pass CityU Hong Kong isn’t the same. Trying to meet friends for food and late night talks isn’t the same. Hong Kong isn’t the same. Anymore.

There is a short line of thought between seeing negative to positive things. Even though most things have changed, I still find Hong Kong to be a convenient and fun place to hang out at any moment of the day; I still find Hong Kong to be a great place for photography, shopping, and food, and last, but not least, I still find Hong Kong to be an exciting place full of energy with a fast-paced environment.

The more I think about my studying abroad period, the more I value and take pride of having taken the decision because of the friends I made and because it was the best year in my college life. It’s something I will never regret and will always remember. It’s often difficult to move on and move forward in life, but it’s necessary to keep on moving, learning, and creating.

In the end, things will never be the same. Anymore.

Until next time!

Adeu 🙂






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