Accidents Happen, But Don’t Run Away From Them

Yesterday night, Wednesday July 23rd, 2014, at 10:20pm in San Francisco I got into a car accident. Yes. It was a car accident, but don’t worry, I am just fine. It was a minor accident; one of those that happen daily.

I was on my way home after a long day in school when a white man in his mid 20s riding a Harley Davidson hit my car’s left side mirror and the cover came off. This occurred in 19th Avenue and Vicente Street when I was fully stopped waiting for the red light to change.

As soon as the street light changed to green, this guy came from behind really fast trying to slide into two cars – my car and another, and hit my mirror. When he realized he hit it, he looked back and tried running away as fast as possible. And this is the moment I speeded up fully and tried chasing and stopping him. I drove two blocks trying to catch him up at 19th Avenue before he made a fast turn to the right in Rivera Street, and then once again in 18th Avenue to the left. At this moment I was calmed yet excited and knew he wasn’t going anywhere away from me and my car. The biker quickly glanced back and looked at me, yet kept going and made a turn in Ortega Street to the right and quickly again a left turn in 17th Avenue. I was speeding as fast as my car could, and after 10 blocks I was just right behind the motorcycle, which was the moment he realized he couldn’t run away from me and decided to fully stop and parked on the sidewalk of Moraga Street and 17th Avenue.

Once the guy in the bike parked, I called 911 and told them what happened, and I also told them to get me a police car followed by a police report.

All in all, I’m safe and he is as well. But it wasn’t cool the way he hit my mirror and tried running away for over 10 blocks before stopping because he didn’t have alternative. I cannot generalize or stereotype bikers, but if something happens and you’re the person responsible for the damages you should use some common sense and park your vehicle as soon as you realize it happened. DON’T RUN AWAY LIKE A CRIMINAL IF YOU’RE NOT. You should always take responsibility for your actions because you’re a grown up person.

Otherwise, don’t drive and get a Taxi, or Uber or Lyft, or Muni or BART, or one of the millions of options you have in San Francisco.


  1. He didn’t have a motorcycle driver’s license
  2. The Harley-Davidson wasn’t his bike
  3. He didn’t have car or any kind of motor insurance
What do you guys think I should do?
  1. Have the guy fully cover the damages
  2. Call and have the insurance company cover my car
I’d really appreciate your honest suggestion either here or through a private message or call.
Thanks for reading!
Until next time!

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