San Francisco Street Food Festival

After five intensive weeks of summer courses, there are few things better than catching up with great people over a nice meal; especially if the street food festival is happening in San Francisco during the weekend.

There were hundred of thousands of people at Mission District hoping to try as much food as possible. Although finding parking around the neighborhood took me some time, the nice and warm day as well as the great food made things more enjoyable. Gladly, the lines – queues- also helped since they were going pretty fast! I got to try German sausage over spicy sauce, a Korean taco that was spicy as well, chicken and shrimp paella, okonomiyaki, and a fresh and very sweet coconut water to wrap up. Needless to say that the paella and the coconut water were the best. Full of flavor, delicious, and right at the point of perfection.
Enjoy the photos!
Until next time!

Adeu 🙂


























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