The First 100 Days Rule

Have you ever heard about the first 100 days rule for a leader? Did you know that it was first implemented by U.S President Franklin Roosevelt during the Great Depression? Nowadays, the first 100 days rule is a must for organizations’ top management and executives.

Business leaders are usually most noticeable under the public’s eyes during the first 100 days in power because this period is considered a benchmark to measure the early success at the new organization. Being able to contribute and accomplish small but important steps and goals in the new cycle is crucial due to insiders’ and outsiders’ expectations. We all value and evaluate first impressions although we do not think or talk about them as often. Therefore, it is important to learn and to assimilate the new working culture and structure, as well as to meet and to work along with people that are making an impact at the new organization as early as possible.In my transition from college and my previous workplace to a new organization with a complete new culture and structure, I have realized and understood the following:

Transitions Help You Grow
Although transitions are difficult due to change, which most people are afraid of, they are necessary in every step in life. Transitions help us grow in aspects we rarely see or notice. The sooner we understand we will be transitioning to a new job at a new organization, living in a new place, or starting a new business, the better we will cope with it. If there is something I have learned from transitions is that we should not get attached to the old – work, relationships, places, or material things, so we can transition into the new, as my Organizational Design and Change professor repeated for over 10 weeks.

Assimilate and Adapt Quickly
As mentioned above, we need to let go of the old and forget about it as we transition, then assimilate and adapt quickly to the new because it is crucial to be successful. And as always, people will be watching what you do and how you do it. There is nothing better than crushing people’s expectations, in a good way. I have been in the transition phase many times and I do not think it will stop for as long as I am alive. Immigrating to new places and adapting to new cultures, as well as leaving behind excellent friends I made in other countries are only some of the examples of assimilating and adapting quickly to your new life. Do not hesitate to keep forward, the only reason you should look back is to connect the dots or learn from the past.
Demonstrate and Accomplish
Some things that will get you further and higher in whatever you set for yourself at the new organization are your talents, your skills, and your work. But not any work. I am talking about great work, something that will definitely set you apart from the crowd. During your first 100 days, you should show that you are talented at what you do, that you will use every skill you possess, and that you will accomplish the goals you or your manager have set up. There are no better words or promises than acting and showing your great work during the first 100 days at your new organization.

Share your thoughts on your first 100 days at your past or current organizations… or about this post.

Until next time!
Adeu 🙂

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