Graduation – Thinking Back, Walking Forward

It’s been over six months since I took my last college’s final exam, but that feeling of walking in the graduation commencement representing Venezuela and having some of my loved ones at AT&T Park in San Francisco during the ceremony was one of the nicest and proudest moment in my life.

Proudest because I’m a first generation college graduate, and that means a great deal for me. It means that my family and I are making progress towards our lives, and that life is guiding us in the right path.

As soon as I graduated from San Francisco State University in Fall 2014, I’ve been working full time; therefore, it was great seeing familiar faces and speaking to some of my classmates and friends. For some, our attitudes, thoughts, and feelings haven’t changed at all. We still want to conquer and rule the world, or part of it. We also want to make this place a better place for the future generations.

As I write this I think about my BUS682 – Seminar in the Environment of Business – professor, Peter Melhus, quote:
“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”Although we want to conquer the world, we have to be responsible while doing it.

After graduation, I can’t wait what life has prepared for me. I’m already looking forward to meeting new people and working on new challenges. I will keep you guys updated through this blog and throughout all my social media outlets.

Some final thoughts about graduation.

I totally loved the experience of college and I’m thankful for the financial and emotional help my family provided during this journey. I’m also thankful for all the friends I met during this experience, all at City College of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, and abroad at City University of Hong Kong. You guys made this journey so much better. Thank you ALL!


It isn’t what college makes out of you, but what you make out of college.

Thanks for taking a long flight, making it to my graduation ceremony, and spending some really great and quality time with me. I couldn’t ask for more. THANK YOU!

Thank you for taking a long flight and making it to my graduation ceremony!


Until next time!

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