Mexico Trip – Monterrey + Mexico City

Although I grew up in Venezuela, I didn’t travel to any other South American country until last weekend. Visiting Mexico for the first time was a bit special for me.

I learned that people are warm and open as in Venezuela, that services and laws aren’t really respected just like in Venezuela, and that Mexicans and Venezuelans share more things in common than not. 

Landing in Monterrey after 8+ hours of layover in Dallas and being picked up by a friend at the airport made me feel great. I was hungry, how not be? First stop, Tacos mañaneros! They were so delicious, especially the ones made with corn. We ate a lot and paid less than $10 for two people. That was awesome!
During my first day I explored Monterrey downtown and kept eating like the world would end tomorrow (it didn’t because I’m still writing this blog post). By the end of that first day, my friend and I bought some tickets for an early morning flight to Mexico City. Yeah. I was excited! We slept for a few hours and after arriving on time to the airport, parked the car, and got to the ticket queue, these people from Vivaaerobus said, “You are 2 minutes late. We can’t issue boarding passes anymore.” THANKS! – We missed our morning flight and had to pay extra money for an afternoon flight, which got delayed anyways…
Landing in Mexico City around 4pm was completely different to Monterrey. It was crowded and it was a lot of people waiting for taxis at the airport. We spent an incredible amount of time in traffic. I guess this is how most people in DF spend their day, in traffic to and from work. It’s not really nice.
Mexico City has something really cool, its old architecture, its happy people, its environment. It’s kind of special in some way. I sort of like it, but at the same time don’t really like it like most places. Anyways, I met up with a friend I met during my study abroad in Hong Kong. This was really awesome since we haven’t seen each other for almost 2 years.
Back to Monterrey after some hours touring Mexico City and lacking sleep – we caught our morning flight. We watched the Copa America final, the Women World Cup final, and got to catch up with another friend I also met in Hong Kong. It was really cool. Meeting up with these friends will always be great for what we went through in Hong Kong.

We met up and hung out in this mall where all the beautiful and fresa girls (preppy) go to, called Main Entrance. Yep. Most daddy and mommy kids go here. And we were there. It was a chilled night. We ate tacos as usual, but added chile, a lot of chile, at least for me. I had a Serrano pepper and a Habanero pepper. They were hot, really hot. They made me sweat like if I were running a marathon at 1pm in the desert. I didn’t feel my tongue and part of my mouth for the rest of the night. It was fun tho.
All in all, I enjoyed my days in Mexico and would highly recommend visiting Monterrey and Mexico City for all the artsy and foodie things. You should go. Don’t stereotype. Enjoy!

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