Play Hard, Work Hard

Paloma and RichIt’s been a great yet tiring week of amazing work… running around everywhere, supporting in whatever was needed and wanted, and going above and beyond. It was the greatest event of the year for some and the busiest and craziest time of the year for others.

ChessAfter several weeks of putting a lot of working hours – planning, preparing and executing, I’ve come to realize some things I have: 1) lost and 2) found. Momentarily per usual. Let’s call them “feelings”.

Feelings – we all have them. We’ve all been happy, excited, and also under pressure, specially during important events – those butterflies. When we are under pressure we have two options: 1) manage the pressure or 2) deal with the pressure. Yeah. You read correctly. And yeah, they’re similar. However, when moments like these come, when they’re real, we find one thing in common… we realize who is who. I understand we’re under pressure and it’s very important to execute almost immediately, but please be considerate to others on how you manage and/or deal with your pressure.

Passion and ExcellenceDuring some moments of this week I’ve partially lost those feelings of passion and excellence – not because of me, but external factors I can’t control. [ Passion and excellence will come back as usual – self-motivation and a strong mentality will always be on my side 🙂 ]. During these moments I’ve also found some great feelings – support and love. I’m thankful for these people who are always by my side supporting and caring when things aren’t at its best. You guys inspire me to keep going and always bring a big smile – thanks!

Foo FightersIt’s Friday night and it’s time to recharge batts because life doesn’t stop if we stop – we must keep going and moving forward to the next chapter. I will do it soon and I hope you will as well.

PS: Foo Fighters rocked last night – it was one of the best times during the week for sure!

Quote of the week: “Three things you cannot recover in life: the word after it’s said, the moment after it’s missed, and the time after it’s gone.”

Have a great weekend everyone!


Foo Fighters 2

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