It Was Freezing! – Yokohama Day 2


“Barcelona plays today? Barcelona plays today? Hold on. Does Barcelona really play today?” These were the first thoughts that crossed my mind after waking up. And indeed, after checking my inbox, calendar, and the Internet I found out that Barcelona was playing the semifinal against Guangzhou Evergrade at the International Stadium of Yokohama (Nissan Stadium) today.

Although it was freezing cold and windy (~1C•) at the stadium, and Barcelona played without Neymar and Messi, it was still fantastic to watch my favorite football team play at the stadium. Barcelona’s players and playing style seem kind of slower when watched at the stadium, compared to from the TV. Reason here? No idea.

Anyways, watching Iniesta, Busquet, and Luis Suárez play will always be great. Iniesta has that magic in his movements, passes and touches – he’s just incredible. Busquet is the team’s center of movement – always precised and smart. And Luis Suárez is awesome – he ran and pressured the opponents the entire game, needless to say he scored 3 times (hat trick).

Funny thing today, Mona ordered one bowl of Ramen + rice (!) tonight after coming back to Asakusa at around 11pm. She didn’t know she was ordering because the vending machine was all in Japanese.

Anyhow, we finished the night with Ramen, again 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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