She Was Naked – Tokyo Day 3

My body and feet hurt after walking non-stop for 3 days and countless of hours sitting in an airplane. Although nice, it was time for a small treat for myself. And what a better way than going to the spa post visiting the Asakusa Temples. It was crowded, very crowded with locals and tourists – special mention to the significant number of Argentinians visiting since River Plate is playing the Clubs World Club final against FC Barcelona on the 20th (Sunday).

Going back to temples. They represent a location’s history, culture, and customs. It wasn’t different with the one we visited. Lots of people praying, renovating energies, and some dressed up in kimonos.
After that long walk around the Asakusa temple, we went looking for food around Shinjuku for about 30 minutes as we were visiting the area already. Note: Google Maps seem like not working efficiently in Tokyo – it lags most of the times.

Anyways, we found this great place called Kikkon – it was kind of hidden in one of the train stations/buildings, but its food, ambient, and vibe were very good. Sashimi, beef tongue, salad, and rice over tea were super fresh and delicious! Highly recommended ๐Ÿ™‚

Once done with dinner, we headed over to SpaLaQua at Korakuen station, across from Tokyo Dome. When we got there the building doors were closed, but we wanted to go inside so bad after a long day of walking that we found our way. The spa is located in the 6th floor, so since the elevator to that floor was closed already, we went up in one elevator to the 7th floor and went down in another one to the 6th floor – very tricky.

The Spa was really nice. It’s a 3-floor spa that opens 22 hours a day and has restaurants, small rooms for treatments such as massages and hair dying, and of course spa (sauna, water jets, and almost everything you can think of). Spa time was great because it helped us relax our body and feet after only 3 days of walking.

Looking forward to one more day in Tokyo and to head out to Kyoto ๐Ÿ™‚ – stay tuned… Subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram (username: rchrdchn) for more posts and photos.


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