Seriously, How Much Can you Eat? – Tokyo Day 4

I’m getting used to this vacation life. Things have come to a slower life pace and I’m enjoying every bite, every step, and everyday.

Truth be told, we headed out to Tokyo station in the afternoon after a big brunch at our hostel – K’s House Tokyo Oasis in Asakusa (recommended).

Today’s priority was to find Ramen street in Tokyo station and try as many as possible. But how much ramen can a person eat in a single meal? Honestly. How much? Mona and I were able to visit and try two ramen parlors – we tried a salt broth ramen and a tonkotsu broth ramen, plus a beef tongue croquette.

They weren’t too bad. Maybe my expectations were set too high. Anyhow, the salt broth was clean and light, while the ramen, char siu, and eggs were fresh and on the point. On the other hand, the tonkotsu broth was really good; it was heavy and thick, while the ramen and char siu were similar to the first one – fresh and yummy. After finishing these two I was about to explode and left with a strong tonkotsu flavor in my mouth 🙂

I tried two ramen parlors and was full, yet still not satisfied. But seriously, how much ramen can one person eat in one meal?  Note: Some Ramen parlors in Tokyo require you to purchase a vending machine ticket before queuing up to be seated.


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