What Snowboarding Taught Me – Mt. Rose ’16

Some people live to learn while others learn to live. Some people fall and remain on the ground while others fall and stand up to keep on trying. Which one are you? Fortunately, nobody is the same, and there isn’t a reason why we should be. Otherwise, life would be kind of boring, wouldn’t you agree?

Life is an experiment, so take it as it is. We are constantly taking decisions and challenges everyday – some might go well, while others might not. For instance, when we decided to do snowboarding the past weekend, we knew and understood we’d be falling in the attempt of learning. We knew we’d be learning how to fall, but most importantly, learning how to stand up over and over again. We’re learning, so we remained patient and faithful.

Have you heard about the “10,000-Hour-Rule” from Malcom Gladwell’s Outliers? If so, don’t panic because I don’t think you’ll need that much time to learn how to snowboard (unless you’re planning to become the next Shaun White, or to beat him in Superpipe). The key in this sport as in life is to continue learning without being discouraged and without losing faith that it can always be done better if we stand up every time we fall.


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