A Note to Myself

letter-to-meThink long term. Act long term. Be patient. Be prepared.

Think about it. Nothing was built overnight, nothing major. Let’s say the roman empire. They built it piece by piece and it took them years, if not decades or centuries.

You need to understand to be patient with life, relationships, actions, career, business, and creating a path worth living. It’s about a long term vision in doing what you like the most, what you are passionate about and will get you far in your career and life. Don’t be frustrated because you are here now. Don’t compare yourself to anybody, especially in your career or life. Don’t pay attention to status quo.

Some people are ahead of the game now, but you can always catch them or do even better. If you always look and compare, and think about where somebody else is at, then you will never be happy or enjoy where you are and what you are doing at the moment.

Your path is not about working at a 9-5 corporate job. It’s not about being someone’s else slave. No matter how much you look at other companies, jobs, or careers, you know and have to realize the problem isn’t outside; instead look inside.

You were not born to be one more in this planet and life. You were born to do something unique, different, special. You shouldn’t be driven by money (entirely), but by building businesses, paths, success, relationships… with a long term perspective.

Life will be boring if you never give it a try at something you enjoy and especially if you never try building a career you really love. And I’m sure you will regret it in 10, 20, or 30 years when you are 40, 50, or 60 years old talking to your grandchildren.


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