Chasing Freedom

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It’s been over a while since Iceland. At least that’s how it feels. Time is flying. We had a great time in a country with a little over 300,000 people, nice roads, not much noise around, and a lot of freedom. We did this amazing road trip from the East (Egilsstaðir) to the West side (Reykjavik) of Iceland, stopping by Höfn and Vik in less than a week. It was a lot of driving, chatting, and being fascinated with how big and amazing mountains and natural spaces are; and how small we human beings are in this world.

Life should be more of this and less of the routinary and boring stuff. We should spend more time traveling, exploring, and decoding life, ideas, and thoughts. How can we get there? When can we get there? Why are we not there? It’s a matter of time and effort. My business partners and I are already working on getting to this stage of our life, but still trying to live the present as there is no tomorrow. Something very difficult to do at the same time. The important case is that we are all on the same page and working towards a common goal: financial freedom and being able to do whatever we want whenever we want.


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