Time and Current State of Life

Day in and day out some magical part of my brain reminds me of how valuable time is and how little we have of it. As human beings, we truly do not live that long, even if you reach 80 or 90 years of existence. Think about it for a second. We usually spend one-third of it sleeping, another one-third attending school and working a 9-5 job. Finally, we try to use what’s left wisely. But in reality, we rarely spend it “wisely” – some get home and need to take care of family (kids included in some cases); some go home and watch stupid videos on YouTube and Netflix (I have been here, too); the rest goes home, get a workout, get dinner, and plans for the rest of the week/weekend while trying to hustle until late to plan and execute the master business plan to start the next Google, Facebook, or whatever you want to call it (my current state).

I am and have been in most of these situations. There is nothing bad with any of these. In the end, your time is yours and you do you. As for me, I am trying to make a career change and become a front-end developer and do some meaningful, interesting and happy work – I am looking to do the work of my life. I am learning and can hopefully put in practice all the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript I am trying to absorb through different places such as Codecademy, FreeCodeCamp, and others while trying to make a living out of my freelancing job since I left my previous 9-5 job about two weeks ago. *Any programming help and/or guidance is welcomed*

Self-teaching is probably one of the most difficult things to do – especially with programming. There are tons of new concepts and terms in this wonderful coding world that I still have not get the grasped of. And having English as a second language does not contribute that much either. I am constantly looking at dictionaries, Googling, researching, and reading about these new concepts and terms. I wish I had a 32gb ram memory, 2tb storage memory, and 5ghz processor in my brain to retain as close to 100 percent of what I read, see and learn/do everyday. Unfortunately, I am a normal human being struggling as most others.

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