Presidential Election 2016

The presidential election is finally over. And yes. I know. It sucks that Hillary did not win it and it sucks even more that Donald Trump is the president-elect. Not because I am in strong favor of one or the other, but because I felt that we were voting for the best of the worst. On one hand, Hillary had tons of controversial leaked emails and a weak message to attract votes from the opposite site. On the other hand, we have a guy who started the presidential campaign by verbally abusing immigrants living in the United States and making sexist and racist comments. However, Trump had a clear and strong message to his people, “Make America Great Again” – who wouldn’t want that, right?

Anyways, big things will change and most people (especially immigrants and sexes) will be affected, if they are not already. Things such as racism, homophobia and sexism will be hugely controversial during the following four years, so be careful when you are walking places. Two days after the presidential election, there have already been several cases of racism, homophobia and sexism in many cities around the US – San Jose and New York.

The current situation reminds me of my beautiful Venezuela, where a charismatic person got elected back in 1999 and fucked up the whole country – its economy, tourism, and people. And guess what… Chavez’ political party and  people are still in power and are still fucking up the country – it has been 18 years (yes, ONE EIGHT… 18 years) and we still do not know when this nightmare will end. Hopefully, Venezuelan’s nightmare will end soon and hopefully this will not happen in the United States.

If you think there is nothing we can do now that Trump is the president-elect, you are kind of wrong. Well, you can move overseas – Canada, Asia, Europe, you name it. But I think there are things we can do and act on to make this country go in a better direction in the near future. We need to stay strong to our values and beliefs, respond with love and never with hate, be kind to one another, keep working hard, keep fighting for our dreams, and keep building a great and unify country. Remember, nobody should be able to dictate how you live your life.

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