Happy Mother’s Day, every day

This is dedicated to all the moms out there.

Thanks for being an essential part of every children’s growth, because when you’re a parent, your world changes and suddenly all children become your children regardless of race and ethnicity. Thank you for giving up your time, goals, and dreams to raise a better kind of citizen for the future. Thanks for giving us your time and teaching us that happiness is as important as everything else.

Thanks for putting up with every stupid and non-sense thing we did as a kid. Thanks for showing us the right path in life and for planting strong values and belief in each one of us. Thanks for being there when nobody else was. Thanks for always giving us your time and ear to listen without judging our problems, feelings, or doubts.

You’ve made and keep making a difference in this cruel and often non-sense world. You’re invaluable to a society that’s been losing its values and belief. You’re helping shape future citizens and you’re doing it right. You’re indispensable to our world!

I wish mother’s day would be every week because you’re precious and you deserve more than just one special day in a year.

For you who have been and keep being there when we most need you.

Thank you, mom.

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