Let go of your ego

As human beings, we all make mistakes — in our job, relationships, and life. It’s rarely unavoidable sometimes although we could always minimize them. The key is to not beat yourself over and over because of your mistakes — nothing good comes when you do this. It only brings out negativity and it’s recursive. Think of it as a infinite circle. You end up wasting energy and time, which could be utilized better somewhere else.

Having an ego creates anxiety, worries, and hold us back from pure happiness. Let it go — yep, easier said than done. Have you tried though? Have you tried accepting and letting go of past or future events you can’t change or control?

Anxiety is no more than stressing about non-controllable future events or projections, worrying about your financials, a dreamy promotion at work, or your relationships — or lack thereof. Why would you stress on these? I understand they’re all important in life. But what’s the worst that can happen if your projections fail, your bank account doesn’t have six figures or millionaire status, or if you don’t get promoted at work? I don’t mean we shouldn’t pursue these goals, but these are all part of our ego. We live in a society that judges us more on what we have than who we are.

We often work for material things and material happiness, when we should be working –and searching– for happiness. Not any kind of happiness, but inner happiness. The one which make us stronger no matter what the outcome is because we are so focused on the journey that the outcome is subjective.

It’s up to us to create a better environment and world; a place where we could all be kinder, less judgmental, and where we can let go of our ego and accept that in order to grow up and be a better and happier human being.

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