Documentation will speed up your onboarding

documentation will speed up your onboarding process

Perhaps one of the most challenging tasks when starting a new job is getting up-to-speed. What’s necessary to be successful in this case? Great onboarding processes, good and clear documentation, and a supportive team environment.

Last week was my first as a web developer at a start-up in San Francisco (woohoo!). It’s been something I’ve been preparing and working toward, and last week I saw this come to reality. I had two great offers and made the logical decision of going with where I believe I will grow the most as a professional and human being. It wasn’t easy. My brain and heart were pulling in opposite directions.

My first week was similar to when I started at previous jobs: a clear lack of most documentation processes and lots to learn with little guidance. However, a great sign and feeling of true happiness. Thanks to my office buddy, a former web developer and now front end engineer, I was able to navigate successfully and happily through my first week. Nonetheless, having a good and well-guided onboarding process and documentation would have made me go from zero to hundred in fewer days, I think.

As a result, I decided to start writing my own documentation so future new hires can have a smoother and accelerated learning process to understand team processes and its technology stack. Having done this, I also met most teammates and scheduled meetings with key stakeholders to understand get the most out of my first week. I now start looking forward to doing great work every day — an impressive feeling of content from waking up in the morning until sleeping during the night.

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