Because happiness matters

this is not me, but this kid is happy and that’s what matters.

Some of us spent months, years, and sometimes even decades looking for the right opportunity at the right company. Oftentimes we never find it or we settle only for what’s in front of us, instead of keep looking for what we truly believe in — the team and company that best fit our personality traits, skills set, and goals.

Most people enjoy working at big companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, you name it… because this might bring prestige and outside recognition when talking about it (of course it’s good, who doesn’t want that?) and it might also look great on their resume for future opportunities. Of course, there is more than that. But I’ve found that people like me find it more enjoyable working at smaller companies with smaller teams because it feels more like a family, in which people are holding each other accountable and our impact could be more visible and greater in the role we play day in and day out.

I’ve been part of both big and small companies and definitely enjoy the latter much more; thus, my current situation fits my criteria almost perfectly. And that’s one of the reasons I’m so much happier every day — from the moment I wake up, get to the office, see my teammates, and try doing the best work I can. There is rarely a dull moment. Not because we are always busy with busy work, but because I’m in such a state of tranquility and flow — in the zone if you will — that I lose track of time. And I love that.

I work for the best company in the world. I spent my entire life looking for this job — Dylan Ginsburg

I read this tweet, “I work for the best company in the world. I spent my entire life looking for this job” a few weeks ago and I was positively envy of that feeling prior to starting my new role. I thought, “it must feel amazing to have finally found the right team and company for your personality, skills, and goals”. Fast forward some weeks and I can relate almost word by word to this tweet. I’m doing work that I enjoy doing; I’m working with kind, friendly and supportive people; and opportunities for growth are endless as long as I keep my determination and crystal-clear focus on where I’m heading and where I want to be in the long-term.

If there’s a better state of happiness than this, please tell me. But as of now, I’m pretty darn content and hundred percent devoted to doing the best work that I can on my early career. I wish this feeling for more of you who are in jobs and careers where you’re not happy or where you don’t see a clear path to success. Remember. It’s never too late to make a change in your life and career. Life is long and you are in control of it.

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