Make your opinion count

Let’s face it. You have an opinion, but are sometimes afraid to speak up because of what people would say or think. Most, if not all of our opinions and judgements are shaped by the people we spend time and talk with, the books we read, the content we watch, and the audio we listen to. Think about the last time you watched a movie and how your initial opinion was partially shaped by other people’s thoughts and taste – online reviews. Remember the last time prior to meeting a person and how your friends whispered aloud their judgement. You get the point. Little do we think about how every person has different tastes, opinions and judgements; and how they become yours because you decide to stick to these prior to the experience.

You have to go through these experiences with a blank opinion, judgement and idea to shape your own. What’s worse than listening without thinking? What’s worse than seeing blindly and following others is to oppress your own thoughts because you don’t want to be the black sheep, the outlier, the contradiction of your friend’s ideas… If they were your friends, they wouldn’t judge you or your opinions. The most they can do is understand them. I value constructive criticism and two-sided arguments. I’m open to listening to why I’m wrong and what’s the best alternative. Criticism is healthy and valuable to become a better human being. What we shouldn’t accept is allowing someone else intrude our judgement or oppress our opinions and thoughts.

Entering an experience with no expectations or judgments is the most challenging thing in modern life. We are surrounded with technology, which carries reviews and people who believe their taste is similar or better than ours. In some part, these opinions help us filter the bad, but not all the time. We need the courage to listen openly, speak without fear of judgement, and give without expectations. Only then we will become a better society.

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