Planning vs reacting

You know things are coming, you wait for them to arrive, when they arrive you react. Then you ask why you get stressed out? Because you’re reacting to the circumstances even when you knew things were coming your plan. You didn’t plan; you didn’t let your team know; you weren’t public about future events.

Why didn’t you plan days, weeks, or even months ahead of time when you knew an event of a big calibre was coming? Why didn’t you prepare your team mentally and psychologically well in advance? This reminds me of a famous quote by Dwight Eisenhower on planning: “Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.”

When things are not planned out correctly, not only will you suffer, but your team will also go through painful experiences, which might end up stressing them out, getting them tired and disappointed, and rarely wanting to collaborate or work with you in the future.

While I think plans are often unnecessary, I believe planning ahead is essential to avoid stressful events and chaos in the group. Plan and think about the future, but try living the present.

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