Show it

Wonder why we never say what and how we feel when we do feel everything. At the moment. Often we end up keeping it all for ourselves — emotions, feelings, happiness, sadness, words, actions. All. We can’t let our ego go and emotions flow because it’s too much to demonstrate at once.

How about we try it once? Try it today. Say what you feel to those you truly care and love, show your emotions without holding back. Small affections here and there, without holding them till the end. Maybe it’ll be too late then.

Those who love you might reciprocate whatever good you show them. It’s like the million-dollar question when you like a person and want them to be your partner — ”wanna be my girlfriend/boyfriend?”, or the most difficult three words you’ll ever first say to your partner: “I love you”.

Believe me, most people are waiting for you to do it first, so they can reciprocate. We are all afraid of showing or doing it first for what consequences it might bring. You can take the first step to glory or you can stay comfortable. Both might hurt, but what better way than finding it out early and moving on?

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