Fasting though life

The idea of giving up food in any shape or form for a whole day sounds out of this world for most people. Why should I even do that when there’s so much of it around me at any given moment and time? That’s true. Why should I? But that’s the truth that opened my eyes to trying fasting one day out of the week.

I’ve chosen to do this on Sundays. I didn’t choose this day for any particular reason. I just thought this would be a good day to experiment.

Fasting doesn’t come easy at all. As I mentioned earlier, I’m one of the lucky humans who has the privilege to be surrounded by food most of the day (grateful for this 🙏), so it’s very convenient to chew on something as soon as my brain asks for it — I don’t even have to be or feel hungry anymore. My brain automatically does this when I’m working — perhaps the sugar feels like heaven.

But the reasons I’m experimenting are to see how my mind and body react when there’s no food for a day — more like 36 hours; to train my discipline and will, and challenge them to be more discipline, I guess; and to use my stored body fat 🙈 as a medium for energy throughout the day.

It’s been two times so far and counting. Have I said I like challenges and experiments? 🙂

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