When is enough?

When do I know it’s been enough and it’s time to settle for what I currently have in my pursuit of more and better?

I’d probably be just fine if I settle for what I have in life and career, but it’d be foolish to do so because I know it wouldn’t make me happy and I would regret it when I look back. And this is exactly what I work on every day: minimizing regrets in life.

Knowing the potential of becoming better in my pursuit of wisdom and being able to provide a better life to my people is what keeps me striving for greater goals and a better life.

I don’t think this is a completely bad ideology to have because it’s my own pursuit of wisdom, knowledge, and a wider range of life experiences. I don’t want to settle for less. This exact mindset got me to where I am now, so why change it, right?

In a society, in which the you do you is completely normal, I’m no exception. I’ve always taken my own decisions, therefore, wanting more and better out of life have always made sense to me.

There’s no magic formula to achieve goals other than discipline, consistency, curiosity, and hard work. We live and learn. We go step-by-step. No rapido, no lento. Just at our own pace with a clear goal, mindset, habits, and routines.

So when do I know it’s been enough?

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