Fighting addictions

I have a problem.

How many of us can be honest and say these words not only to ourselves but to the people that love and want the best for us? I think it is necessary to often look inward and examine what, how, and why we do the things we repeatedly do.

I have realized several things I have been softly addicted to both in the past and recently. And these are things I need to work on to either improve or completely quit, so I can be satisfied with the life I live in the long term. I need to reassess my current habits and see if they match with my life motivations and goals in life.

Throughout the years, I have learned much better how my brain functions. It is extremely competitive and focused. It wants to be the best at what it does, nothing less. And by knowing this fact, I have to learn and lead it to the correct type of work and hobbies, so I can get the maximum benefit out of it.

This is where one of my recent addictions or problems is. I have been spending more time than I would like to on watching, learning, and sometimes gaming, which has been a rare pattern throughout my whole life.

My environment also has not helped much. 😔

I think that if our environment is set up to easily play games when we have spare time, then we are more likely to think about it and want to play for a few hours after work or during the weekends. But one hour translates to two, then the least we know four or six hours have gone by. Hours that could have been spent doing something much more productive; hours that could have helped us make the right progress in a specific area in our life.

How can I stop wasting my time gaming?

See, I don’t believe in soft stops. These have rarely got me out of whatever I have been addicted to because I know I am slowly trying not to do it, slowly trying to avoid it, but I will sometimes end up doing it anyway.

Why you might ask? Good question.

I think it has to do with willpower, discipline, and habits. Our brain and body are more prone to doing something we are used to: habits. Therefore, we need to actively watch what we do and carefully examine if what we are currently doing is getting us to where we want to go.

As for me, I’m putting a hard stop at gaming.

I’m quitting. No mas.

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