Explore and experiment

Life is an on-going cycle between exploring, experimenting, and succeeding/failing. It all starts the moment we are born. We try and we fail, but we never stop. Some things might stick easier and others will fade away over time. Be curious and keep iterating, exploring, and experimenting.

As kids, we explore the intersection between lots of things. Food textures, tastes, and smells. Sleeping cycles and patterns. Mimicking words, sounds, and pronunciations. And trying to stand up, walk, and run.

Then, as adults, we move on to exploring, testing, and experimenting with more specific and complicated processes. For instance, trying out new routines and hobbies, ideas and projects, food and cooking, clothing, languages, cultures, and countries, friendships and relationships, alcohol and drugs, and many others.

Exploring and experimenting should be at every person’s core and natural curiosity cycle. Succeeding or not shouldn’t carry much weight during this process. Exploring and experimenting allow us to break routines and discover new things. Perhaps we might end up liking and stick with one of these things. But you will never know until you try it out, at least once.

The more we explore and experiment, the more we will find out about ourselves. The trick is in never stopping these two phases in our life: exploring and experimenting with new things.

Be curious and explore.

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