Seoul, South Korea. Day II*

A long day is meant to be finished with a relaxing chat time leaning on the sofa.

Long story short is that my friend Nelson arrived from Hong Kong early this morning, and then we explored Dongdaemun the whole afternoon. First, we went to exchange some money because good rates are in Dongdaemun, according to Nelson. This happened to be real true cuz the rate was close to the official exchange rate. Later after this, we headed out for some food… It was really good.

The area where we visited in Dongdaedum were full of shopping malls – Doota, Migliore, HelloAPM, Lotte fitin, and Megabox– and a nice river crossing under Cheonggyecheon-ro, as well as roof garden. Other than this, we stared at free dance show around the hood.

Walking for the afternoon made us super hungry, as a result we ended up in a Korean BBQ recommended by the manager of the hostel. This restaurant, my friends, was yummy! The night was fulfilled with Kimchi Jjiggae and Pork Bulgogi. Great. Just great.

However, after having dinner I headed for a cafe latte at Tous les Jours realizing how common and popular coffee places are in Seoul, it’s a culture to hangout over coffee although people spend their quality time together looking at their smartphones.

Hope you’re liking these daily entries on my visit to Seoul, South Korea because I’ve been having an amazing time over here and been wanting to share with y’all 🙂

By the way, below is a photo of the common area at the place where I’m staying and also the way business is done in South Korea.

Until next time!

Adeu 🙂








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