30 Days of Running

 A great challenge not only physically, but also mentally. Running 30 days consecutively challenged me to be more disciplined, dedicated, and stronger when it comes to achieving goals.

They were what I call daily and small goals – private goals by Stephen Covey in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, that in the end sum up to the bigger goal. Although it was tough during some days after the fall college semester began, I managed to run everyday for at least 3 miles even if it meant running during almost-midnight, something that I did several times.
Running was some times difficult; I was tired after a long working day and the only thing my mind was telling me was “let’s go sleep” or “let’s take a nap.” However, I knew that taking a nap would’t have helped me be more fresh for the run, but to go into dreams that wouldn’t have stopped till the next morning instead. Therefore, I preferred to go running and catch my dreams while doing it.
I’ve learned that the body is something incredible and unique. It’s designed to respond to whatever you push it to do and it, in fact, adapts to the situation. However, what’s something more difficult to push is the mind. The mind is even more unique and special; it’s probably the hardest thing to push out of its comfort zone. This is the reason many people never start something because their mindset keep delaying things just to be comfortable in whatever relaxing moment it is. And this is the greater reason we all have to work in our mindset more frequently. We should try getting ourselves out of our comfort zones more often. We should always try achieving small and daily goals. They are worth it and we will feel much better in the end of the day :).
Here is all my running data for the last month – even though it’s something private, I’d like to share it on this blog with you all.
This entry doesn’t stop here…
After finishing the 30 days of running challenged, I fully stopped running for three days. However, I got into this trail running thing yesterday, Sunday. Nothing did I know about how many miles we were going to run or for how long we were going to be out there in the mountains. But I still went and started running. The first thing someone mentioned was 12 miles; I was fine with that. I did 10 miles in the trails 3 weeks ago and it felt good. However, I learned that running in trails is different, very different every time I’m out there. Running uphills, taking a minute to look at and realize the beautiful scenery around, talking to friends, going downhill, finishing up the 2 liters of water unexpectedly. Everything is different all the time and that’s the reason it’s exciting.
It’s Monday, a beginning of a new week; a new opportunity to do things better; to do better things. Whatever you do, do it with passion and try enjoying. Try helping people around you as well.
Have a great week everyone!
Until next time!
Adeu 🙂





















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