From Nothing to Everything – Singapore ’15

Singapore is an incredible country once you know and understand its history, development and evolution – its roots. The country went from being raw land with villages and a business port to being a first world country in less than half of a century. Of course, it’s taken effort, lots of reforms and laws.

First thing I noticed after arriving from my delayed flight from Hong Kong was that Singapore is a multiracial, multicultural, multilingual, and multireligious society – Chinese, Malasyians, Indians and more – that have gathered and coped with each other’s existence to develop a country regardless of race, language, or religion. However, although the country has gone from 0 to 100 in a blink of eyes, you can notice that some of its citizens haven’t fully adapted to the country’s current circumstances. But I’m sure they are closer everyday.

The country has a lot to offer. Particularly, I enjoyed that I was able to walk to most places – from Somerset and Orchard to Marina Bay, going through Chinatown and Downtown; as well as other local hidden spots like bars and eateries around Clarke Quay, plus the cultural experience around Little India and Bugis. This was possible mainly because the island is relatively small, and I enjoy walking and taking pictures while traveling.

Taking the MRT trains from Changi Airport to the heart of the city was also very simple, nothing like Tokyo or Seoul’s system. The MRT lines are pretty similar to those in Hong Kong, meaning straightforward to understand and fast.

It feels incredible to be writing this blog post from the heart of Singapore where the Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, and Concert Hall are located at, while I’m doing some people watching 🙂. There’s a feeling of peace and tranquility here. It feels special even with all the tourist taking selfies, having the boyfriends taking them hundred of thousand of pictures while they make Asian signs (seriously haha). Anyhow, I feel fortunate to have these opportunities to keep visiting new places, learning its history, as well as meeting up with friends everywhere I go.

Note: Go to the Singapore National Museum and learn how they’ve built a nation from the ground up in less than 50 years. Or ask locals about the country’s history – I’m sure you’ll be amazed if you’re into history and culture as I am.


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