Being with Myself

Being alone is difficult. We are used to having people around that make us feel different emotions all day and every day. Being alone is complex, but should be seen as a time to learn about ourselves and see how we behave when nobody is looking at us. That’s when our true animal comes out – when nobody is around.

These adventures throughout Asia have taught me to be by myself more often, which is rare while I’m in San Francisco. The first days were more difficult since I’m used to ‎waking up having a plan for the rest of the day, week, weekend, and sometimes even month.

In Hong Kong, I often wake up without a set-in-stone plan for the day. Things begin to get interesting from here because I think long and deep about life, its meaning, and other random things.

Really, what’s the meaning of life? Perhaps live life to the fullest, make people around us happy, be good citizens and leave this place better than we found it so future generations can enjoy it as well; perhaps help build something greater than ourselves, feel butterflies in our stomach and fall in love, build a family and enjoy watching children grow.

There isn’t a real meaning to life. You create the meaning for yours and do your best to live without paradigms, judgments, and barriers. You explore different circumstances and learn from them, so you can grow up.

I hope this time I’m spending by myself in Asia helps me to be a better and more globalized citizen. And I hope that by the end of this ride which is life, I can say that I lived life to the fullest, woke up everyday with a purpose in life, and lived without paradigms, judgments, and barriers.


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