The day I met her.

The day I met her.

Not the day we met, but close. Iceland 2016.

It’s probably pointless by now, but I still want to share these positive emotions she created on me throughout the almost twelve months we were together as a couple. I don’t want this happy feeling to be left without a voice.

Today I remember the first date we had. It was exactly a year ago. We went to a Peruvian restaurant after work and as usual, you got there a little later than I did, no big deal. As long as I got to see you and enjoy your presence, energy, smile, voice, eyes, and wittiness I was content. I felt that moment was magical. We got each other’s personalities and values quickly — part of it because of infatuation, maybe? Anyhow, it was like a match made in heaven (cheesy). We had it all.

Back to dinner, we ordered a few plates and that’s when I learned about your allergies. It wasn’t a big turn off; I accepted and we worked around them in every occasion we encountered. Fast forward, we spent limitless amount of hours dating, talking on the phone and knowing each other better, our passions and dreams, our habits and traveling together. Our relationship worked out well because we learned how to co-habit and adapt to each other. We traveled from the Bay Area to Iceland, New York, Cambridge, road trip to Russian River, Los Angeles and many other places. We even threw surprise birthday parties for each other — that was totally unexpected but fun. We were happy together, or at least that’s what we thought until a few weeks ago.

You created a rare spark of light on me. You were one of my strongest motivations to become a better person. You inspired me to follow and work on my passions. With you I loved insanely stronger and deeper than ever before, maybe too much for you — I have latino blood and can’t love any other way. At the same time, I learned that love isn’t fair because it isn’t the strongest or decisive factor in a relationship to continue working well. In the end, I’ve lost some faith in real/pure love — sad but true, because it doesn’t matter how much you love, it’s never enough, so I’ve stopped it for now.

The rest is history, not because we made it, but because history never got passed from being a story.

Happy International Women day!

Today and everyday!

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